STK-ID 42493

MWS RA of adult elephant eliminating (defacation) as he walks along. ECU of yellow fever acacia blossom (white puff with light green at ends), PAN R to another blossom and the leaves of tree. WS of reflection of acacia trees in water. EWS of line of acacia trees silhouetted against setting sun, reflection of line in water in foreground. HA MS of water with blurry reflection of branches in water, RACK FOCUS to distinct image of thorn branches reflected in water. CU PAN of yellow fever acacia blossoms with prominent thorns jutting from the branches. CU of pompilid wasp (large and black) extracting pollen from the blossoms of the yellow fever acacia. WS SA of herd of elephants walking along edge of water, flamingoes in water in foreground. CU of head of Kirk's dik-dik as it looks around, flies buzzing in its face. WS of sunset with full grown acacia tree silhouetted in foreground, other acacia trees in background. CU of kirk's dik-dik eating leaves from thorny branch. MCU SA of kirk's dik-dik eating leaves, whole body in shot. MWS FA of herd of wildebeest standing in pouring rain. (41666)


Extrait du film
National Geographic
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Digital Beta, Video Disque Digital
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Digital Betacam Anamorphique
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