STK-ID 43859

MS of flock of Johnny Rooks on ground. LA MCU of person's leg at right side of picture, flock of Johnny Rooks following along ground. MS of Mark Smith chasing after a Johnny Rook with rope in its beak. MCU SA of Johnny Rook in flight. MCU of Johnny Rook flying and striking at back of Jane Watson's head. MCU of Smith with rockhopper penguin on his shoulder. MCU of flock of Johnny Rooks on ground, one pulling at rope. MS of rope pulling over box on ground sitting with other equipment, Johnny Rooks scattering and flying off. MCU of Johnny Rook biting at Watson's hand as she sits on ground and reads book. MS FA of Johnny Rook with wings spread touching down on ground, hopping up above ground, touching down again, then flying off, dissolve.


Extrait du film
Malouines (îles)
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Digital Beta, Video Disque Digital
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
Format de l'image