STK-ID 43892

MCU SA of head of Johnny Rook. MS of two juvenile Johnny Rooks, one pecking at elephant seal, seal lifting head up, roaring with mouth open. LANDSCAPE of ocean waves, white foam and black rocks, bright water blue in background, waves crashing over rocks LANDSCAPE PAN LEFT to more rocks in water, seals on them, waves crashing over rocks, white foam. LANDSCAPE PAN LEFT further inland to rocky beach area with huge herd of Falkland fur seals. MCU FA of Falkland fur seal pup. MCU of juvenile Johnny Rook standing among Falkland fur seals, then walking forward. MCU of juvenile Johnny Rook facing Falkland fur seal pup, striking at pup with its talons again and again as pup cries and turns. LANDSCAPE of large roller waves, seals swimming just under surface. MCU FA of face of juvenile Johnny Rook. MS of juvenile Johnny Rook grabbing at back flipper of Falkland fur seal pup, yanking as pup turns and cries. MS of head of Falkland fur seal above waves among strands of plants and rocks, seal leaping up on rocks. ECU of talon of Johnny Rook grasping back flipper of Falkland fur seal pup and biting at pup's toe. MCU SA of Falkland fur seal pup crawling to left side of picture, juvenile Johnny Rook grasping pup's flipper with talons, flipper is bloody. MS of three juvenile Johnny Rooks, one which grasping flipper of Falkland fur seal pup while two others watch, then another juvenile Johnny Rook flying in and chasing first one away, letting go of seal pup's flipper. MS PAN LEFT TS to group of Falkland fur seals on beach, one seal struggling to get through group. MS of group of juvenile Johnny Rooks on rocky beach attacking seal pup. MS SA of adult Falkland fur seal running from right side of picture to left. MCU of juvenile Johnny Rook grasping back flipper of Falkland fur seal pup falling off rock and trying to get away, just as its mother arrives and nuzzles pup. MS PAN LEFT to juvenile Johnny Rook standing nearby. MS of mother Falkland fur seal and pup.


Extrait du film
Malouines (îles)
National Geographic
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Digital Beta, Video Disque Digital
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
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