STK-ID 43897

ECU of sawblade cutting through meat carcass. MS of man standing next to carcass hoisted on rope, sawing through it while flock of juvenile Johnny Rooks watches. ECU of head of juvenile Johnny Rook peering around board. ECU FA of sawblade cutting through meat carcass, Johnny Rooks perched on building in background. LA MS of juvenile Johnny Rook perched on rock in front of building. MCU SA of face of man with animal carcass at left side of picture, man talking on camera. VAR (including MS MCU ECU SA FA) of juvenile Johnny Rooks standing at foot of person, person's boot and rope in picture, juvenile Johnny Rook climbing up wooden pole, talons gripping clothesline, Johnny Rook flying off with piece of underwear, two Johnny Rooks pulling at piece of underwear.


Extrait du film
Malouines (îles)
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Digital Beta, Video Disque Digital
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
Format de l'image