STK-ID 43899

HA MS of sheared sheep in pen, one sheep looking up at camera. MS of flock of sheep in pasture, juvenile Johnny Rook perched on fence post, water and hills in background. ECU of faces of corriedale sheep. LA MS of flock of juvenile Johnny Rooks running through pasture. MS of corriedale sheep in pasture, water and hillside in background, sheep beginning to run. MS of man in vehicle talking to camera. MS of two corriedale sheep running in pen, person catching one sheep, carrying it off. ECU of person's hand on head of corriedale sheep, eye of sheep below hand, hand of person parting wool of sheep to show injury on head caused by Johnny Rook. MS of man sitting on ground, holding injured sheep and talking to camera. MCU of face of man talking to camera. MCU TILT DOWN to show head of injured sheep.


Extrait du film
Malouines (îles)
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Digital Beta, Video Disque Digital
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
Format de l'image