STK-ID 43921

Lake Borogia; Various shots of numerous swallow birds perched in tree, shots of flock taking off and returning in unison. Shots of snake buzzard perched on high branch of dead tree. CSs of tree hyrax feeding on leaves in tree. HAWSs of flamingo colony in lake with bubbling geyser visible near shoreline. CSs of vervet monkey feeding on fruits in tree. Various shots of gazelles and marabou storks moving among flamingo colony. Ground level shots of flamingoes feeding in almost dried up stream, CUs of feet and heads of birds, CSs of flowers in savannah. LASs of flock of swallows perched in dead tree in late afternoon sunlight. CS of many dead flamingoes in shallows. Scenic WSs of lake and surrounding mountains. Shots of tall termite mound on lakeshore. TIME-LAPSE SHOTS of clouds forming over lake. Water level shots of flamingo colony in shallows. Scenic MWSs of flamingo colony in lake. MSs, CSs of flamingoes bathing, feeding in stream flowing into lake. MLSs, CSs of fish eagle perched in treetop. Shots of warthogs and zebras foraging on lakeshore. MSs of fish eagles feeding on flamingoes with a few marabou storks nearby. SLOW MOTION FOLLOW SHOT of fish eagle in flight. MLS of a group of marabou storks on lakeshore with termite mound in foreground. Css, CUs of large beetles with two orange stripes on their backs and two orange antennas feeding on leaves, shots of them flying, CSs of insect and butterflies on flowers.


Extrait du film
National Geographic
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Digital Beta, Video Disque Digital
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Digital Betacam Anamorphique
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