STK-ID 45637

UNDERWATER MS of alligator swimming from behind and past camera, swimming straight ahead, FOLLOW SHOT from behind; blue water, green vegetation on bottom. UNDERWATER MS of alligator swimming straight ahead in right part of frame; FOLLOW SHOT of alligator's movements forward, catching up with and getting relatively close to left side of alligator; fairly clear water, but somewhat dark; alligator swimming near surface; vegetation on bottom. UNDERWATER MCU, shot begins rather dark with water and foliage visible; suddenly, alligator swims into frame, passing just over camera; alligator's underside and then tail are seen as it passes quickly over camera; MS as alligator swims away. UNDERWATER CU, shot begins rather dark, near surface, a bit of light and sky from above are visible; suddenly, alligator swims into frame and passes very close to camera; alligator's lower mouth, lower neck, skin and claws are clearly visible as it passes in front of and to the left of frame. UNDERWATER MS of alligator swimming into frame from behind thick vegetation covering bottom of shallow water area; alligator passing by in left part of frame, eventually swimming out of frame; many tiny bubbles are formed as alligator leaves frame. (41450)


Extrait du film
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Digital Beta
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
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