STK-ID 45657

Aquarium, CU of face of bass facing camera, swimming and turning a bit. Aquarium, ECU of face of bass facing camera. Aquarium, MCU of right profile of bass floating/swimming, its right fin moving, slight PAN to FOLLOW its movement. Aquarium, MCU of bass floating in lower part of frame, then swimming out of frame to the upper right; a couple of other bass swimming partially into frame from bottom. MS (from outside? of a tank, appearance of being UNDERWATER) of two bass, one above the other, floating; a third bass swimming into frame from the lower right; vegetation in background. Aquarium, MS of bass swimming toward a baby alligator on leaf in upper right portion of frame; baby alligator swimming to another leaf; bass watching baby alligator's movements, ZOOM IN to baby alligator on leaf. Aquarium, MCU of bass with baby alligator in its mouth, baby alligator struggling to free itself, biting the inside of the bass's mouth; bass's moouth is open wide as it swims. Aquarium, CU of left profile of bass with baby alligator in its mouth, ZOOM OUT to MCU of bass moving a bit, turning and swimming out of frame to the right, PAN RIGHT to FOLLOW movement of bass; another bass in frame momentarily. (41463)


Extrait du film
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
Format de l'image