STK-ID 46372

VAR (including MCU) of coatis, mantled howler monkeys and white-faced capuchin monkeys climbing in branches of dipteryx (tonka bean) tree, eating fruit. SLOW MOTION HA LS of dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit falling towards ground. SLOW MOTION MS of fruit bouncing off trunk. SLOW MOTION MS of fruit (green flesh exposed) hitting ground and rolling away. Two MCU of mantled howler and white-faced capuchin monkeys sitting in branches and eating dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit. MCU of howler dropping half-eaten fruit. SLOW MOTION HA MS of dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit falling to the ground, MCU of fruit crushing seedling. MCU of white-faced capuchin monkey sitting on tree branch, eating fruit then dropping it. SLOW MOTION MCU of dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit falling on ground. SLOW MOTION MCU of fruit falling on seedling. HA LS of group of coatis, tails raised, foraging on forest floor. MCU of coati sitting on log, looking up. MS of black-handed spider monkey hanging from tree, arms dangling down. MCU of coati quickly leaving its perch on log. MLS of dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit hitting forest floor and bouncing away. (292)


Extrait du film
National Geographic
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Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
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Betacam digital 4/3
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