STK-ID 46373

MCU of coati running past. HA LS of coatis foraging on forest floor. MCU of white-faced capuchin monkey eating dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit then dropping it. MCU of coatis foraging on forest floor, dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit falling on floor and bouncing away, coatis running towards it. VAR (including CU/MCU) of coatis running after and eating fruit. MCU of face of agouti twitching its nose. CU/MCU of coati eating dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit while holding it with front paws. MCU of agouti walking tentatively across forest floor. CU of coati eating fruit. MCU of agouti walking to dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit, picking one up in mouth, running away. MCU of agouti sitting on hind legs and gnawing fruit. MCU of tropical red squirrel foraging, finding fruit, eating. Two CU of agouti eating fruit. MCU of squirrel eating fruit. CU of agouti eating. CU of collared peccary sitting with eyes partially closed. CU of head of agouti, dipteryx (tonka bean) fruit in its mouth. MCU of collared peccaries foraging and eating dipteryx fruit. (292)


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National Geographic
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Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
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Betacam digital 4/3
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