STK-ID 46380

SLOW MOTION MCU of hummingbird (possibly buffon's plumeleteer) bathing in stream. MCU of lizard sitting still in water, reflection visible. SLOW MOTION MCU of hummingbird bathing. MCU of lizard scratching its head. MS/TS down tree (following falling leaves). Var MS (LA and HA) of leaves falling to ground. CU/MCU of caterpillar larva (lepidopteran) disguised as dead leaf moving among fallen leaves. MS of agouti peeking out from behind plants. MCU of caterpillar in dead leaf disguise inching along leaf. MCU of collared peccary rooting in dead leaves. Several MCU of caterpillar larva moving in and out of dead leaf disguise and flipping over. MS/MCU of army ants swarming over fallen leaves and plants. MCU, several CU of army ants swarming over and attacking beetle much larger than them. CU of treehopper climbing on edge of leaf. Var MCU/CU of adult treehoppers defending brood from wasp by flicking their wings at it when it approaches, DISSOLVE. (292)


Extrait du film
National Geographic
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Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
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Betacam digital 4/3
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