STK-ID 46396

MCU of butterfly caterpillar crawling on stem, hand reaching in and removing it. VAR (including MCU) of Phil Devries setting up equipment and recording caterpillar singing, talking. CU of head of butterfly caterpillar moving, "singing". Several MCU of Phil Devries talking, demonstrating how caterpillar "sings". CU of head of butterfly caterpillar moving, "singing". MCU of Phil Devries recording caterpillar. CU of caterpillar "singing". MCU of caterpillar on microphone, hand reaching in and removing it. MCU of stem of croton plant, hand placing butterfly caterpillar on stem, caterpillar crawling. MCU of ants crawling around hole in croton leaf. CU of caterpillar moving head ("singing"). MCU of ants around hole in leaf. MCU of ants crawling on and near caterpillar on stem. MCU of assassin bug crawling up stem of croton plant. MCU of ant "riding" on back of butterfly caterpillar. CU of assassin bug crawling quickly up stem. MS of assassin bug approaching caterpillar, ant fighting assassin bug off, defending caterpillar. (292)


Extrait du film
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
Format de l'image