STK-ID 46535

Moon, silhouette of trees in foreground. ELS of mountain range, moon overhead fading in and out. DISSOLVE to sunrise, pink clouds over mountains. DISSOLVE to day, TILT DOWN from mountains to reveal dead guanaco lying in brush. MS of condor flying in blue sky. PAN LEFT up leg of dead guanaco to find rest of body partly hidden under vegetation. MS of Penny (puma) sitting, getting up and exiting left. Condor perched on rock, taking flight. PAN LEFT with fox running r-l. MS of fox at carcass, scaring other fox off. CU of face of fox looking around. CU of fox eating carcass. LS of foxes competing for control of carcass. MS of Penny (puma) inching through grass, stalking fox. CU of fox eating carcass. MS of Penny (puma) trotting l-r, stalking. MS of foxes laying on ground, snapping at each other. CU of Penny (puma) watching intensely. CU of foxes wrestling on ground. MS of Penny (Puma) running l-r. MS of foxes running l-r. CU of fox fur as they run l-r. CU of fox fur. MS of Penny's (puma) tail as she chases fox l-r. MS of fox running l-r. MS of fox leaping l-r. MS of Penny (puma) growling and looking away. LS of fox running off towards water. (295)


Extrait du film
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
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