STK-ID 46851

WA of moon with clouds. CU of centipede. CU of centipede eating beetle. ECU of centipede eating beetle. CU of centipede eating beetle, suddenly crawling R off frame. MCU of grasshopper mouse exiting burrow, turning around and scurrying back inside. Interior of burrow, CU of two grasshopper mice tending to two babies. ECU of newborn grasshopper mouse nursing. CU RA of giant centipede crawling across ground. CU of two grasshopper mice and two bald newborn mice inside burrow. MCU of grasshopper mouse emerging from burrow cautiously, scurrying off frame L. CU of centipede crawling over rock. ECU of newborn grasshopper mice inside burrow. CU of pair of grasshopper mice walking past cactus. CU of grasshopper mouse repeatedly attacking centipede. SLOW MOTION CU of grasshopper mouse attacking centipede. SLOW MOTION CU of grasshopper mouse/centipede, attack continuing. CU of live action grasshopper mouse/centipede battle. ECU of female grasshopper mouse biting centipede. CU of male grasshopper mouse watching. CU of centipede dying. CU of grasshopper mouse eating centipede. CU of grasshopper mouse carrying newborn in her mouth away from burrow entrance. CU of grasshopper mouse cleaning newborn, lying down curled up against baby. (223)


Extrait du film
Sonoran (désert)
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
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