STK-ID 47012

MCU of kingsnake watching moves of rattle snake. CU of rattler, head raised, remaining alert and watchful. VAR of kingsnake and rattler locked in mortal combat; rattler biting kingsnake and drawing blood. Kingsnake merely clamping its jaws around rattler's upper body, while constricting it at the same time. Each time the victim exhales, the coils get tighter in this deadly embrace. Then it inches up rattler's neck until it finally engulfs the head. While still coiled around the victim, it compresses vital organs by crushing the rib cage. It then clamps its jaws around the head, and holds on until it chokes the life out of the rattler, who is less than half its size. ECU of large thorn on ground, PAN R to kingsnake, its teeth around rattler's head, beginning to swallow more and more of the long body, while dragging its prey along ground. Kingsnake continuing the swallowing process until even the rattle disappears inside the huge jaws. Kingsnake then moving out of frame. (42828)


Extrait du film
Sonoran (désert)
National Geographic
Formats disponibles
Video Disque Digital, Digital Beta
Format de tournage
Betacam digital 4/3
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