STK-ID 76642

FI12777.X04 There are two rolls of 16mm variable sound. Here Norman has taken Card system recordings e.g. Jazz Pizzicato and transferred at differing speeds; in some instances speeding up the sound – double speed. In other instances he has slowed down the sound and added reverb. One of the things that interested Norman was that by speeding up the sound, he could make music which was too fast to be played in an acoustic manner. And, of course, by slowing down, the music could take on a somewhat different character. I (Don McWilliams) think the optical tracks were prepared in 1949. One roll is 150 feet & the other is 368 feet. I suspect that some of this transferred-to-tape-material is in can FI12777.A02 (See HDSR SO15B10.016)


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