STK-ID 76673

FI12831.012 16mm B/W Unfinished Productions #4 2 rolls one of 250 feet and one of 75 feet. This is the film materials that Norman McLaren and Laurence Hyde were using to make Southern Cross, a film based upon Hyde’s wordless graphic novel, published in 1951. McLaren and Hyde filmed Hyde’s 120 wood cuts. The book criticizes the US government’s testing of hydrogen bombs at the Bikini Atoll in 1946. The film was never finished. Hyde’s novel was republished in 2007 in a collection with Franz Masereel’s The Passion of a Man, Lynd Ward’s Wild Pilgrimage, and Giacomo Patri’s White Collar. It is possible that the 75 feet version is an editing cutting copy. Hyde’s novel is possibly/probably the first Canadian Graphic Novel.


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