STK-ID 76694

FI12844.080 VARIOUS DUPE NEG Munro in Front Projection; McWilliams and David Verrall in front projection; McLaren in front projection; Stills including some from China; the Blinkity Blank bird from the end of Lipsettt interview. The “Death’s Head” from Pas de deux In Two Rolls.1600 ft Re the Front Projection Material, I (Don McWilliams) had hoped to shoot Creative Process in Front Projection (what a piece of whimsy!) It was an area of filmmaking in which I had expertise. The tests were interesting, but the NFB did not own a front screen projector. I had to shoot with a rear screen projector (now in the NFB garage) but it had very poor illumination; so I dropped the idea. Ironically, the NFB bought a set-up from SUPERMAN TWO some years later and I shot some tests for The Plank using it. But the production that hired me felt it would be too expensive a technique to use and dropped the idea. This front-projection set-up was therefore never used by the NFB, and was sold.


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