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00K7447.000 Narcissus. Reel One of the 35mm mag cutting copy sound for the mock-up version of Narcissus shot by McLaren with Vincent Warren early 1970s. The sound is Roumanian folk music, primarily with pan pipes. McLaren had wanted to use the same sort of music, therefore, that he had used for Pas de deux. But he was persuaded against this, primarily by Guy Glover, on the grounds that McLaren would be repeating himself and that the music was, perhaps, too romantic and soulful for the theme. I (Don McWilliams) seconded Guy, yet in hindsight, the mood was much closer to what we wanted than the final score. But I remember that, at the time, we wanted something contemporary and Canadian – we had discussions with Bruce Mather and Murray Schafer and one or two others.


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