STK-ID 76769

FI12777.005 35mm positive Animated Snd- NMY5 Misc. early tests 450 feet We see what’s on table. Roll 1: a) Radiating lines tests (1947) including “In the hall of the mountain king”, scales, trills. Circa 75 ft. b) Radiating lines Mask tests/aperture tests/lab bath tests to F9 ft d) 150 ft to 200 ft mask or envelope/scale test using square waves. I.E. McLaren is not using the wedge to manipulate the sound. e) 200 ft Pop Goes the Weasel to 210 ft. Using the same mask as in d) f) 210 ft to 290 ft A mishmash of square waves with masks, radiating lines, masks sans wave card, sine waves with mask also test of lab baths. g) 290 ft to 330 ft. Saw tooth and scales. h) 330 ft to 350 ft. A strange pattern – (unidentifiable by McWilliams anyway) which seem to be a geometric simulation of variable area/ sort of pentagonal, or diamond, but a horrible sound; h) 350 ft to 375 ft. Seems to be mask test sans pattern. i) 380 ft to 415 ft mask with sine waves ends with “Men of Harlech”.


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