STK-ID 76780

FI12777.B05 35mm Positive Animated Sd. #5B 0-130 This a variable area optical track, Essentially the Bartok Pizzicato including Norman’s All Through the Night (Men Of Harlech) which is part of his variation on the Bartok, methinks. Bartok Pizzacato from String Quartet #4. This is variable area transfer. 327 ft to 432 ft is more Bartok and also a fragment of Composition in Fourths. Lots of optical dirt – this is a very good roll. According to Norman, all his Bartok material is on this roll. There is part of Norman’s International Creeper music on this roll for films like Dots and Loops. (See HDSR SO15B10.016)


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Norman McLaren's Archives and Personal Files
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