STK-ID 76808

FI12796.010 Canon Interpos This is a VERY IMPORTANT roll 1000 feet in length. It is the basic moves for a canon. It was never opticalled, so we have no idea if it would have worked. The inspiration for this was the mirror sequence in the cabin on the liner in DUCK SOUP with Groucho Marx. One camera was used. A line was drawn across the stage. Munro enters and performs a series of actions. When this was flipped, it would be then possible to superimpose it on the unflipped original. Munro would be seen performing with himself, mirror-like. At the end of one of these tests, Munro drops his hat over the line and the two Munros would cross the line and pick up their hats. This footage amounts to half the 1000 foot roll. The other tests in the second half of the roll are much more complicated , with three and four people in various configurations (people such as René Jodoin and Colin Low). McLaren found the last section of Canon a nightmare. He thought he had kept it simple by just using one character, performing a series of simple actions; but feared he would never finish it. He was probably pleased that he had not followed the paths suggested by these tests. (see FI12849.020)


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