STK-ID 76847

FI12809.005 Pas de deux. Can 3A “Pix assembly of Balletic actions multiplied in various ways.” 1965. McLaren has hand-scratched titles for the tests. At the end, the reel has a piece of the tests that Munro and McLaren did in 1961 running and multiplied. McLaren has a note in the can “Useful to study for more ballet films”. The balletic actions feature Warren and Mercier circa 1000 ft. There are very wide separations. We see Mercier dancing with herself; there are multiplications in which the figures catch up during a motion and then continue it. Wider separations articulate the figure too much and give sequences of separate selves. There is one glorious bit with Mercier – the triplets – and some horizontal displays with the other dancer watching, which are rather wonderful.


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