STK-ID 76988

SO15B40.008 DVD 8minutes 22 seconds Short and Suite main titles Animated Sound Compositions. Excerpt from Creative Process - synaesthesia & relation between music and abstract film. McWilliams discussing this with excerpts from Loops and Synchromy. Paganini Variations. Uncompleted variations – Square Waves John Souch Mediaeval Song Separate parts of incomplete variations of Leroy Anderson’s Jazz Pizzicato. We see what was on the table at the time of shooting; Sound track is on the right. Bartok Pizzicato Test. Uncompleted Variation – four part harmony with multiple exposures of up to 4 cards with use of masks; soundtrack is on the right; we see what was on the table at the time of shooting. (The international creeper music is included – an error by McWilliams) End title from Canon.


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