STK-ID 77314

MT00104.000 14- to-the-Bar 35mm. TOTAL: 342 feet (3min 48 sec) Etched on 35mm black leader, some scratches are visible within the picture area. Mostly percussion, sounds like tap dancing, some pitches via closely spaced striations. Appears to consist of several short improvised compositions of varying tempo and rhythmic complexity. At 258 feet we hear some accelerating ‘squelches’ done via pinholes spaced at decreasing and increasing intervals. Visible on the film leader itself are red grease pencil markings and other notations that seem to indicate a pre-planned breakdown of timing – although not detailed enough to indicate a composed piece. Improvisation seems more prevalent here than in any other McLaren musical compositions. Final section of roll 297 feet + appears to be various pitch tests. (See HDSR SO15B10.002)


Extrait du film
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